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Episode 25

Published on:

21st Feb, 2023

Episode 24

Published on:

14th Feb, 2023

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About the Podcast

Built to Scale
The Growth Blueprint for Window and Door Professionals
Welcome to the show built specifically for window and door dealers! Each week we provide quick, actionable, and practical insights into how to increase leads, boost sales, and scale your window and door business to ever greater heights!

This podcast is brought to you by GoRizen, Your partner for faster, smarter, stronger business growth.

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About your hosts

Jeffrey Lambert

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Jeffrey Lambert is the Content Lead at Rizen. He oversees marketing campaigns using diverse mediums to attract, engage, and delight customers. His client list includes startups and large corporations located in both the United States and internationally. His unique approach helps customers understand brands through no-nonsense, human-centric messaging.

Rogelio Rodriguez

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Rogelio, or as he is better known as Rod in the professional world, is the CEO and Chief Motivator at Rizen Inbound. He is passionate about connecting people and building relationships through the creation of remarkable online experiences.